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The Voice of Confident Leadership module offers a unique marriage of technical voice coaching, communication, and psychology, addressing the whole of the individual in the coaching engagement.


The deeper psychological terrain to verbal communication and public voicing often presents itself through conscious felt vocal limitations such as:


  • Tension and over-using the throat
  • Pushing from the neck muscles
  • Feeling breathless and running out of breath when speaking
  • Speaking too loudly or too quickly
  • Experiencing one’s voice as weak and under-powered
  • Monotonous vocal pattern which lacks variety
  • Muffled unclear speech
  • Over-dependence on padding words and non-verbal sounds
  • Voice lacks warmth and presence  


Through our coaching work together, we address these symptoms through the mainstream vocal techniques of:


  • Optimal alignment
  • Diaphragmatic-abdominal breathing
  • Resonance
  • Projection
  • Pitch, pause and pace
  • Clear speech
  • Verbal dexterity


Alongside the vocal technical training, clients can safely explore the underlying psychological ground of their voice using psychosynthesis coaching tools such as mindsets, sub-personalities, psychological functioning, and identification-dis-identification. This twinned approach builds the client’s self-belief, and strengthens their will to tackle even long-established and deeply embedded fears about their vocal and professional identify such as:


  • Imposter syndrome
  • Never feeling good enough
  • Pushing too hard/over-working
  • Inability to switch off from feeling inadequate
  • Active dislike of one’s voice
  • Negatively comparing oneself to others
  • Inability to own one’s strengths


Using the combined lenses of voice coaching, psychosynthesis leadership coaching and the GROW Model, clients are encouraged to devise smaller realisable goals to serve their overall goal of building a strong technical vocal functionality and positive image of their own leadership voice.


‘The Voice of Confident Leadership’ coaching module is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to:


  • Develop their voice technically within a psychological as well as technical framework
  • Actively build their voice as part of their identity as a leader, manager-leader, or entrepreneur
  • Position vocal development as an essential to self-actualisation.
  • Eradicate self-limiting beliefs about their voice within their professional role
  • Specify their own objectives within a proven effective framework: the GROW Model
  • Embed a transformative experience of their own voice that moves beyond the performative.


Coaching ethos

As a psychosynthesis leadership and voice coach, I’m committed to ongoing supervision and CPD for support my own practice. I’m also bound by the conditions of the EMCC as a Senior Coach and member (accreditation pending) and am a member of the British Voice Association.



  • We use the Six-session model devised by Roger Evans, the Director of the Institute of Psychosynthesis.
  • The Six-session model is found to be the optimal model for busy professionals to adopt, but the contract can be renewed towards new end-points at the end of each fifth session.
  • Sessions are spaced two-weeks apart to allow for digestion and development of smaller goals in-between.
  • Coaching is available in-person or on-line by Zoom, Skype, TEAMS, or Facetime (with other platforms by prior arrangement)
  • A pre-booked chemistry meeting allows clients to go deeper into what the coaching entails, meet the coach and discuss fees and terms and conditions before committing to a coaching package
  • Coaching is offered to personal self-funding clients and to corporate, public, and private organisations as part of CPD. These two separate streams are priced differently and competitively for each. (Prices available upon request).
  • ‘The Voice of Confident Leadership’ can be offered to corporate groups in a half-day/full-day, face-to-face or remote format.
  • The full fee must be paid in advance of each Six-Session package for self-funding individuals.


Coaching is offered remotely by Zoom, Skype, TEAMS, Facetime (or other virtual platforms by arrangement).


Face-to-face training is held in London, I’m Essex-based, so also offer coaching from Leigh-on-Sea/Southend.



If you would like to know more about how The Voice of Confident Leadership Coaching can support, you or your organisation? Please contact me on or 07932 440043.