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We use the methodology of Psychosynthesis to support the client’s leadership development. Psychosynthesis was pioneered by Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974) and views the client as a unique individual with the capacity to both self-actualise and realise. As such the difficulties and problems that bring a client into coaching are seen as indicators of potential development rather than symptoms to be pathologized.


Using this model, the client’s unique path is honoured through investigation of their current personal conscious circumstances, their past personal unconscious life and their potential future growth and worked with to assist the client in reaching their specified goal. We use the GROW model to devise a set of smaller achievable goals to make the realisation of their overall goal possible.


We adopt the definition of leadership as a person’s capacity to realise their leader within, to self-direct their lives with autonomy and integrity.


The coaching seeks to locate where the energy of the client is trapped and release it, so forward-momentum is possible. Psychosynthesis leadership coaching is therefore very suitable for clients identifying that they feel stuck and unable to act. To enable this process, we will use a rich variety of interventions focused on uncovering limiting mindsets, dialoguing with subpersonalities, speaking to the Ideal Self, working with breath and voice, activating imagination through writing, drawing and visualisation.


Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching is very suitable for clients who –

  • Feel stuck in their process and need to dive deeper to find solutions
  • Have found limited success from mainstream performative coaching
  • Need a process that whilst honouring personal history, doesn’t keep them stuck in the stories of the past.
  • Feel like an imposter and can’t get to the root of why?
  • Have a demonstrable history of professional achievement but can’t own the substance of their leadership
  • Never feel good enough
  • Struggle to communicate assertively in conflict situations
  • Find patterns repeat themselves in their working history
  • Need to develop a strong leadership image as they move into a leadership role
  • Need to explore and grow their own leadership identity as an entrepreneur, or small-business owner?
  • Need to find greater power to act in the service of their life-goals


Coaching ethos

As a psychosynthesis leadership coach, I’m committed to ongoing supervision and CPD for support my own practice. I’m also bound by the conditions of the EMCC as a Senior Coach and member (accreditation pending)



  • We use the Six-session model devised by Roger Evans, the Director of the Institute of Psychosynthesis.
  • The Six-session model is found to be the optimal model for busy professionals to adopt, but the contract can be renewed towards new end-points at the end of each fifth session.
  • Sessions are spaced two-weeks apart to allow for digestion and development of smaller goals in-between
  • Coaching is available in-person or on-line by Zoom, Skype, TEAMS, or Facetime (with other platforms by prior arrangement)
  • A pre-booked chemistry meeting allows clients to go deeper into what the coaching entails, meet the coach and discuss fees and terms and conditions before committing to a coaching package
  • Coaching is offered to personal self-funding clients and to corporate, public, and private organisations as part of CPD. These two separate streams are priced differently and competitively for each. (Prices available upon request).
  • The full fee must be paid in advance of each Six-Session package for self-funding individuals.


Coaching is offered remotely by Zoom, Skype, TEAMS, Facetime (or other virtual platforms by arrangement).


Face-to-face training is held in London, I’m Essex-based, so also offer coaching from Leigh-on-Sea/Southend.


If you would like to know more about how Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching can support, you or your organisation? Please contact me on or 07932 440043.


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